Why Join as a mentor?

  • You will enhance your coaching skills to help mentees fulfill their potential which would benefit the chef profession as a whole
  • Your will accelerate leadership capabilities development, ready for your next move and immense possibilities
  • You will gain insight and perspective from a younger generation’s point of view, can transfer learning to their working environment to retain & develop talents
  • You will refine your learnings, implement new leadership techniques, improve your communication skills and problem-solving techniques
  • You will join a network of passionate chefs to collaborate and to meet future challenges with consortium effort

Who can be a mentor?

Criteria to be a mentor:

  • A chef in good standing, with solid supervisory experience
  • Has the desire to give back & invest in the chef profession and the culinary industry
  • Willing to enrich his/her coaching, communication and leadership skills
  • Including Western, Pastry & Chinese Cuisine chefs
  • Active participation & commitment are essential

What are the roles of a mentor?

A mentor serves as an advisor and counsellor to a mentee by sharing his/her professional experience and knowledge to facilitate development and progression of the mentees.

Mentors are expected to:

  • Set expectation with your mentee, including outcomes of the mentoring relationship, frequency of interactions, etc.
  • Make yourself available for phone consultation, meetings or discussion whenever possible, suggest arrangements that works for you
  • Have the mentee’s best interests in mind;
  • Provide non-judgmental support;
  • Provide guidance on issues raised;
  • Pass on knowledge and experience but encourage the mentee to be self-reliant;
  • Help develop learning plans;
  • Be a good listener and appreciate mentee’s point of view;
  • Inspire mentee to meet or exceed his/her chosen goals;
  • Provide honest feedback;
  • Follow through on commitments;
  • Be respectful, responsive and committed;
  • Trustworthy – the issues discussed during a mentoring session should be treated in strictest of confidence;
  • Be a source of positive energy, show passion for the chef profession;
  • Be a role model of a chef professional with high standard of integrity and professionalism

Mentors are expected to:

  • Act as a sponsor;
  • Find job for the mentee;
  • Be an expert in all areas;
  • Carry out a mentee’s work on his/her behalf
  • Pick up bill every time, let the mentee pay once in a while, or pay for himself

The Process

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  • You will be contacted by our Program Manager to finalize the involvement plan
  • You will be invited to our Program gatherings / briefing session
  • You will be asked to provide feedback/report/evaluation to help to improve the Program

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