We are in complex time. The micro & macro economies, the buoyant marketplace, changes in consumer behavior, new technologies, the capabilities, desire and new generation workforce – the sustainability of our industry depends on whether our present and future leaders can marshal through these increasing complex challenges.

Mentor-mentee relationship is built on mutual respect and trust. The scope of mentoring includes, among other things, essential communication skills, appreciate the differences of various generations, and the demonstration of responsible ethical leadership.

A Task Force comprised of professional chefs, HKCA and partner institute representatives was formed to architect and deliberate the Program.

The time to make an impact is now.


For the sustainable Growth of the Industry by Mentoring the Chefs of Tomorrow

  • Develop professional chef to be ready to step up to become responsible chef leaders
  • Attract new talents through role modeling
  • Improve retention rate through fast tracking career advancement
  • Develop a learning culture among chefs for continuous self-development
  • Build a collaborative network to meeting challenges with integrity, trust and passion

Concept & Format

This Mentoring program is to create experiential learning opportunities for both mentors and mentees. Becoming mentor is not something we take for granted, we need to better ourselves. Becoming a mentee is to open our eyes and heart to the possibilities this great profession can offer.

To cater for the needs and preferences of our new generations, different mentoring formats will be available.

One-to-One Mentoring Mentor and mentee are paired based on criteria, preferences and other factors. This serve as the main format of this Mentoring Program
Flash Mentoring Session-based or Content-based one-time meet; subject or skill- based sharing, can be in the form of workshops or one-to-one meeting
Speed Mentoring Face-to-face at mentoring get-together; hop from one mentor to the next at (10-15) intervals. Like speed-dating
Virtual Mentoring “Distance Mentoring”; not face-to-face, using new tech platform; mentor can be assigned based on subject matter

Program Support

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